Terry & Gore is a law firm located in Nashville, Tennessee. Our practice has always been focused on representing individuals or people.  We have no corporate or institutional clients.  Often our work involves litigation in federal or state court.  We consider the primary role of a lawyer to be problem solving.  All of our clients have problems and our responsibility is to resolve them, using our experience and available legal and non-legal options.  If you have a problem, feel free to contact us.  We never charge to talk, and if we don't handle your type of case, we will help you find a lawyer who does.

Our focus is on representing the individual in litigation against corporations and the government.  The litigation is often filed to remedy a violation of civil or constitutional rights.  Our practice includes:

   ◦ Federal Criminal Defense

   ◦ Whistle Blower

   ◦ Consumer Fraud

   ◦ Civil Rights Litigation

   ◦ Serious Personal Injury

   ◦ Premises Liability Claims



USA Today's Editorial Board considers Eric Holder's policy shift regarding non-violent drug offenders.  

US Justice Department announces policy shift for low level & non-violent drug offenders

Eric Holder announced, as a part of its new "Smart On Crime" plan, that The US Justice Department will change its policy towards charging certain low-level and nonviolent drug offenders with crimes that carry mandatory minimum sentencing. The shift will allow defendants without ties to large-scale organizations, gangs or cartels to avoid mandatory minimum sentences.